Someone hacked our order/product database and was trying to install malware on our customers computers.  To protect you we have taken down our shopping cart until this issue can be resolved.  All the pages still available to you are safe, but to order you will have to call us between 8: to 6: EST, Monday through Friday (800-258-8516), or purchase from one of our many dealers listed at the link above.

At about the same time a counterfeit of our patented Manta RayTM started showing up, sold by less than repeatable dealers and it turns out this knockoff is made in India.  This fake often has the word Manta somewhere in their text so they come up in a search.  The counterfeit is made of the first plastic we rejected as inferior due to the way it shreds the snap fit area even with a very lightly knurled bar (their material costs a tiny fraction).  It also weighs fully 1/3 less than the real device which is made from a high tech polyurethane polymer that is virtually indestructible.  If you see something that looks similar to our Manta RayTM or is being sold for less than $44.95 (in the USA, online), or in a color other than blue, it is a cheap fake! More information on fake and knock offs can be found here:

We're very sorry for any inconvenience... 

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